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What is Fight Crab?

A game where you are crab, and you fight crab.

Fight Crab is a new type of 3-D fighting game thats grants the player complete autonomy and control of their limbs as a playable crab.
Create your own play-style and unique moves by utilizing the physics of your surroundings, and the unique movement style of each species of crab.

‘Armed’ and Dangerous

Use not only your claws, but over 40 tactical weapons and items to flip your opponent.


Where can I get Fight Crab?

itch.io : https://neonusso.itch.io/fight-crab
Booth : https://nussoft.booth.pm/

Where can I download Fight Crab updates?

You can re-download the game on the site where you originally downloaded Fight Crab. Or you can use the Itch.io App

What platforms are planned for Fight Crab?

Currently the game is on Windows. When early access is concluded Fight Crab will be ported to both Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Any plans for it to be on ps4?

Ideally the game will receive a PS4 release, however no progress has been made on it at this time.

If I purchase Fight Crab on itch.io, can I receive the cd key for steam later too?

You can claim a steam key after release at https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought

May I play Fight Crab on stream?

Yes, by all means!


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