FightCrab Release Note

Current Version

【Steam】 Ver1.2.6 【Switch】 Ver1.2.6


January 17, 2023[PC]
January 5, 2023[ Switch ]

  • Addition of Korean version

September 14, 2022[PC]
September 30, 2022[ Switch ]

  • Added new hyper skill called “Crab Alchemy” – during hyper mode, raising both arms to guard will charge, and punching will create new weapons.

May 31
, 2022[PC/Switch]

  • Fixed an issue where selecting “Training” from “Equipment” would not run properly.

April 21
, 2022[PC/Switch]

  • A new weapon, “T-rex Skull”, has been added. It can be used in Versus Mode.
  • Freeze phenomenon on Switch resolved

March 18
, 2022[PC]

  • Fixed an issue where the training dummy is recognized as an ally.

January 23
, 2022[PC]

  • Fixed a bug in which the host’s information could be overwritten when two or more players entered the room at the same time.

December 2
, 2021[PC/Switch]

  • Fixed missing color correction in some cases.

November 22
, 2021[PC/Switch]

  • Fixed a problem where the match would not start when the number of players in the room decreased from 4 to 3.
  • Crab copter will no longer be interrupted if the sticks are inputted.
  • Added an option to display the longer stamina bar in Versus mode.

August 21
, 2021[PC/Switch]

  • Made it impossible to throw away weapons during the “Ready” phase before battle starts
  • Fixed an issue where the Excalibur effects are not synchronized during online play.
  • Fixed an issue where grabbing the the right arm of the Snow Crab doesn’t lead to the correct judgement. []The effectiveness of the crabs during online battle will change due to regulation updates.

Due to the regulation 20210816 update, the following online battle changes will be implemented:
Improved balance for Snow Crab, Christmas Red Crab, Fiddler Crab, and Sponge Crab
Increased movement speed for Mud Crab, Elbow Crab, Calappa, and Sponge Crab
Improved recovery power for Snow Crab, Christmas Red Crab, Elbow Crab, Calappa, Mitten Crab, Horsehair Crab, Fiddler Crab, and Red Frog Crab
Hyper mode gauge fills up quicker for Christmas Red Crab, Elbow Crab, Sponge Crab, and Fiddler Crab.
Reduced damage of 3 Section Staff

February 21
, 2021[PC/Switch]

  • [Switch] Added「LAN Play」
    After entering the versus mode, press and hold the L Button and R Button, and then at the same time click in and hold the Left Stick. LAN Play appear instead of Local Wireless.
  • [PC]Added option to select × or 〇 to use for the “Confirm” button when using PS4/PS5 controllers
  • Unequip timing for ”Shield” and “Pile Bunker” changed from when down to when countdown hits 0
  • Left arm behavior fixed to match right arm for “Carrier Crab”
  • Hit box expanded for “Lance”, “Javelin”, and “Gada”
  • “Kanihameha” no longer consumes stamina
  • Resistance to weapon-grabbing improved for “Bat”, ” Tonfa”, “Nunchaku”, “Hand Axe”, “Whip Sword”, “Axe Gun”, and “Katar”
  • A certain amount of remaining energy is now required for “Trident” transformation
  • When using an “Anchor”, it can now be removed when pulled with a certain amount of force
  • Ceiling added to “Ring” and “Crabby Wok ‘n’ Fire”
  • Out-of-bounds damage added to “Crabby Wok ‘n’ Fire” and “Experience The Ninja Crabs”
  • More stamina now consumed for ”Jet” when collapsed
  • Reduced amount of stamina recovered while taking out-of-bounds damage
  • Recovery power improved for “Sponge Crab”, “Mud Crab”, “Lobster”, “Horsehair Crab”, and “Carrier Crab”
  • Recovery power slightly reduced for “Tasmanian Giant”

December 22, 2020[PC]

  • Adjusted out-of-bounds damage in Crossplay so it operates the same way as a Steam only match.
  • [PC]Fixed bug affecting Pause during CPU vs. CPU matches.
  • Icons for weapons on the ground behind the player are now displayed in the correct locations.
  • Even when using the “Jet” weapon to move, moving out of bounds makes it easier for you to be taken down.
  • [PC]A warning message is now shown when the graphic board DirectX version in use is not sufficient.

November 23, 2020
[PC]Adjusted out-of-bounds damage in Crossplay so it operates the same way as a Steam only match.

November 23, 2020 [Switch]

[Switch]Added metallic skins.

October 30, 2020[PC]

  • [PC]Now featuring the titular Deer from DEEEER Simulator as a playable character
  • Fixed bug preventing viewing of matches when using “”””Rules: Variable”””” during cross-platform online play
  • Dash acceleration is now weaker when the crab is facing downward
  • Out-of-bounds damage is now incurred up in the sky in the “”””Crustacean City”””” stage
  • “”””Kanihameha”””” range has been extended
  • “”””Coconut Crab”””” and “”””Sponge Crab”””” recovery power has been improved
  • “”””Calappa””””, “”””Elbow Crab””””, and “”””Fiddler crab”””” stability has been improved
  • “”””Coconut Crab””””, “”””Red Frog Crab””””, “”””Fiddler crab””””, and “”””Hanasaki Crab”””” movement speed has been improved
  • “”””Metal Crab”””” damage reprieve when dashing has been extended
  • “”””Red Rock Crab”””” can now guard when not holding a weapon
  • Opponents have been made to stagger more when attack with blunter weapons

October 9, 2020[PC]

  • “Out of bounds damage” and “Rules: Variable” are now supported on cross-platform.
  • If you are out of bounds and taking damage, when you move towards the center of the stage it becomes harder to fall down.

October 9, 2020 [Switch]
Merge changes up to Ver1.1.3.4

September 28, 2020[PC]

  • Fixed bug where Player 2 couldn’t select their weapon in local campaign co-op.
  • Fixed bug where tutorial 2 didn’t progress as intended.
  • Slowed two handed weapon swing speed while downed.
  • If you are out of bounds and taking damage, you will no longer be able to activate Hyper Mode and you will be more unstable when you move.

September 14, 2020 [PC]

  • You can now put a password on your free match waiting rooms.
  • Increased performance of the Underwater and Desert maps.
  • Adjusted hitbox of the Katana’s back edge.