FightCrab Release Note

Current Version

【Steam】 Ver1.2.1 【Switch】 Ver1.2.1


February 21
, 2021[PC/Switch]

  • [Switch] Added「LAN Play」
    After entering the versus mode, press and hold the L Button and R Button, and then at the same time click in and hold the Left Stick. LAN Play appear instead of Local Wireless.
  • [PC]Added option to select × or 〇 to use for the “Confirm” button when using PS4/PS5 controllers
  • Unequip timing for ”Shield” and “Pile Bunker” changed from when down to when countdown hits 0
  • Left arm behavior fixed to match right arm for “Carrier Crab”
  • Hit box expanded for “Lance”, “Javelin”, and “Gada”
  • “Kanihameha” no longer consumes stamina
  • Resistance to weapon-grabbing improved for “Bat”, ” Tonfa”, “Nunchaku”, “Hand Axe”, “Whip Sword”, “Axe Gun”, and “Katar”
  • A certain amount of remaining energy is now required for “Trident” transformation
  • When using an “Anchor”, it can now be removed when pulled with a certain amount of force
  • Ceiling added to “Ring” and “Crabby Wok ‘n’ Fire”
  • Out-of-bounds damage added to “Crabby Wok ‘n’ Fire” and “Experience The Ninja Crabs”
  • More stamina now consumed for ”Jet” when collapsed
  • Reduced amount of stamina recovered while taking out-of-bounds damage
  • Recovery power improved for “Sponge Crab”, “Mud Crab”, “Lobster”, “Horsehair Crab”, and “Carrier Crab”
  • Recovery power slightly reduced for “Tasmanian Giant”

December 22, 2020[PC]

  • Adjusted out-of-bounds damage in Crossplay so it operates the same way as a Steam only match.
  • [PC]Fixed bug affecting Pause during CPU vs. CPU matches.
  • Icons for weapons on the ground behind the player are now displayed in the correct locations.
  • Even when using the “Jet” weapon to move, moving out of bounds makes it easier for you to be taken down.
  • [PC]A warning message is now shown when the graphic board DirectX version in use is not sufficient.

November 23, 2020
[PC]Adjusted out-of-bounds damage in Crossplay so it operates the same way as a Steam only match.

November 23, 2020 [Switch]

[Switch]Added metallic skins.

October 30, 2020[PC]

  • [PC]Now featuring the titular Deer from DEEEER Simulator as a playable character
  • Fixed bug preventing viewing of matches when using “”””Rules: Variable”””” during cross-platform online play
  • Dash acceleration is now weaker when the crab is facing downward
  • Out-of-bounds damage is now incurred up in the sky in the “”””Crustacean City”””” stage
  • “”””Kanihameha”””” range has been extended
  • “”””Coconut Crab”””” and “”””Sponge Crab”””” recovery power has been improved
  • “”””Calappa””””, “”””Elbow Crab””””, and “”””Fiddler crab”””” stability has been improved
  • “”””Coconut Crab””””, “”””Red Frog Crab””””, “”””Fiddler crab””””, and “”””Hanasaki Crab”””” movement speed has been improved
  • “”””Metal Crab”””” damage reprieve when dashing has been extended
  • “”””Red Rock Crab”””” can now guard when not holding a weapon
  • Opponents have been made to stagger more when attack with blunter weapons

October 9, 2020[PC]

  • “Out of bounds damage” and “Rules: Variable” are now supported on cross-platform.
  • If you are out of bounds and taking damage, when you move towards the center of the stage it becomes harder to fall down.

October 9, 2020 [Switch]
Merge changes up to Ver1.1.3.4

September 28, 2020[PC]

  • Fixed bug where Player 2 couldn’t select their weapon in local campaign co-op.
  • Fixed bug where tutorial 2 didn’t progress as intended.
  • Slowed two handed weapon swing speed while downed.
  • If you are out of bounds and taking damage, you will no longer be able to activate Hyper Mode and you will be more unstable when you move.

September 14, 2020 [PC]

  • You can now put a password on your free match waiting rooms.
  • Increased performance of the Underwater and Desert maps.
  • Adjusted hitbox of the Katana’s back edge.